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You rock – We rock the arena

A rock 'n' roll kickoff at Partille Arena



Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän has a long term concept of ”Toppendagarna” or ”Top Days”.

The purpose of these days is to create a platform to clearly communicate the company’s long-term goals so that they are well received by the employees. Participants should be given unforgettable experiences that generate energy, pride and solidarity. Together with Eventity, the customer’s management team has developed Top Days over the years, resulting in a number of different themes. Read more about the 2023 theme below!


This year’s Top Days – We Rock – a playful and innovative theme. A theme with a focus on ensuring energy, participation and joy in every detail!

From last year’s summit concept – The seven mountain peaks – we went on to “Rock” which was then built on to “you rock” and during the evening went over to “we rock” to symbolize the company’s development journey, togetherness and position in the market. The evening ended with – We Rock The Arena.


Partille Arena was transformed into a rock festival and all participants received a festival bracelet, rocky accessories and other festival supplies.

Rock The day began on the small stage where Länsförsäkringar’s management team, in honour of the day under the name The Rock, held an introduction amidst portable toilets and camping tents in the classic festival spirit.

You Rock The next part contained several lectures with information about the company’s various projects and campaigns, including the introduction of Länsförsäkringar’s AI teenager Laika. Lecturer Tobias Karlsson, known from Let’s Dance, gave an equally inspiring and poignant lecture and ended with a dance studio with classic rock moves.

We Rock To increase cohesion and cooperation, everyone was divided into classic rock bands and given the opportunity to record a music video together (and of course use their new moves). The best performance was rewarded with a Rock Bear later in the evening!

We Rock the Arena Perhaps the absolute highlight of the evening was when the management team stepped out on stage in full Kiss gear and performed I Was Made For Lovin’ You as the opening number for the evening’s main artist Ola Salo. Energized participants walked home in the night, pondering the question – Was it really Kiss?
Reaching 550 participants at the same time and keeping the logistics running smoothly required use of a digital platform. It was used before, during and after the event.
Creating a programme that consisted of both active and passive activities. Activities that required more presence such as the lectures, the dance lesson and the band competition, while leaving room for more passive activities such as mingling during the breaks.
Developing food, entertainment and details on the same theme to suit all participants.
“It delivered a string of golden moments from rock history and raised the roof with sing-alongs and timeless hits!”
– Management