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Our offer

Eventity is a smart, full-service agency with an in-house travel partner.

With a diverse portfolio of events, conferences and group travel, we run all types of events. We will help you strengthen your brand through value-driven meeting experiences – regardless of purpose or scope.

We deliver comprehensive services grounded in precise project management. From meticulous logistics, concept development, flawless execution and thorough follow-up, our approach ensures a seamless and successful experience.


We love creating experiences that make an impression on people!

Continuously exceeding expectations by obtaining in-depth knowledge of our customers' needs. We love creating experiences that impress people!

We paint the entire canvas, down to the smallest detail - for us, every event is an opportunity to evoke strong emotions, produce compelling messages and engaging communities.

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Organized meetings require a touch of comfort and exclusivity

We offer custom solutions developed in collaboration with you, so that your conference or kick-off takes place exactly where and how you want, whether in Sweden or abroad.

Give your already professional meetings that little bit extra with our engagement and careful planning, everything to create the perfect environment for important discussions and collaborations. The right meeting always initiates wonderful new ideas

Group travel

Our bank of knowledge helps you to find brilliant, sustainable and relevant destinations, in both Sweden and various countries worldwide.

Destinations that frequently offer multiple opportunities to energize and be inspired. With our extensive experience, we find the very best and smartest solutions, both as a destination and a journey.

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